The Rebellion War Journal
~as thru the eyes of firebot~

Monday February 14th 2005
Valentines Day, but hardly a happy day for us, the theories behind Lee and his unexplainable acts has spread wildly thru the ranks of the town. Still it doesnít affect everyone yet. Only I and 6 other people know of the information. This has sparked the idea into our heads of trying to take him down. I sent a letter off the Scott, the ruler of the empire. Talking about the unfair laws that were put on us, I also talked about Ďgag actí that we are suffering; everything we say is deleted, if you will. We canít say anything, Lee says itís a problem with our printing system, things are being lost and what now. I think it is him burning our documents, as do my other companions.

Tuesday February 15th 2005
We held a meeting to discuss the acts performed by Lee. We decided to carry on a rebellion. Whether or not we will win is unknown. I am, for one, expecting the worst. Though I will not show it in fear of my companions picking up on it and losing the will to fight. I will stay strong, and lead the rebel force to victory over the empire. Some of our members are weary of our strength, and are unsure of the situation. I am sure it will become clear to them once it all happens.

Wednesday February 16th 2005
Today things worsened, our rebel force was cast away from the gathering area of the empire. This is after we posted news about the way Lee is how crazy he is. This angered him. The high laws were deleted by the mighty Scott in response to my letter. The empire and her army were thrown into a fit of rage. Lee, like we all figured; went crazy. He started to burn threads left and right. The destruction was unbelievable. Luckily our leader, Suz, was able to rebuild us a small gathering area in the depth of the sister empire, far away from the burning hatred of Lee. We are now here, on this night, safe and sound. The area is bustling with new activity. This is a victory for us all. I was also Ďlet goí from the army, as was my friend Jay, and many others.

Thursday February 17th 2005
Our force stirs restlessly as we see the words of hate spoken against us in the empires gathering site. We make small strikes here and there, some of us were punished, deleted if you will, but it doesnít stop us. We have word that Lee is spying on us. So we speak words of hate in order to anger him more. He is powerless to hurt us here. We again, will count this as a victory. The gathering area is ripe with new activity; clans are coming back as are our old allies. The empires gathering site is becoming empty. Their army was replaced by a less experienced one as well. I, as a former soldier of it, am pleased to say that this new army is weak, and will not hurt anyone, or be of any help in the end. I have plans to write a letter to the mighty Scott, in hopes of getting word to him of the destruction Lee is wrecking to the gathering area. In hopes he will be outcast himself. Time will tell. As I write this talk about Lees action grows, we will see what tomorrow brings.

Friday February 18th 2005
Itís late on the fifth night of our rebellion. Things seem to have simmered down a little bit. Though I canít be certain. Since I just hear things, and have no solid information from any sort of high command. It seems like our old empire is still punishing us for showing our faces in their land. I hear talk of members being harassed when they enter the main city. I myself have yet to go back. I donít care for the old city anymore. Itís ways are corrupt and itís future is tainted. People bring back more news regularly of more talk in the old empire mocking us for how we were. Possibly because of that our new name is ĎThe Exiles ĖThe Empires (GRís) Former Elite,í perhaps because thatís what we were. We were the elite; we were the best the old empire had. Some of us were knights, who defended the empire from attack, like me. Others were skilled craftsman, who knew how to build things, and make them work. Some were but common people. Though all were outcast just the same, with out second thought, or question. I hope that the new empire will flourish with us in it, and that our small town will grow with each passing day.

Saturday February 19th 2005
Today was slow. Probably the slowest day weíve had around here yet. Thereís not been a lot of talk about the old empire anymore. Which is good, people are finally starting to forget. What weíve established here is something better then what we had, despite the strict building code in terms of what we can build, and put on/in our buildings. Weíll make it thru though, we can always find tricks and ways around it. I am almost at a high enough ranking in the new empire where I am able to use simple things on my few buildings, to make them better. There is even a new establishment in town, called the NNC. It seems to be an interesting place; I havenít been there a lot yet though. I plan to be there as often as I can in the near future. There are still some minor mentions of spies from the old empire among us, I think its crazy talk, and even if itís not, what are they going to do? Report back to their master with word of how successful we are, and spark more attempts to insult and mock us? I pity them for being as simple as they are; I suppose I must forgive them, as their leader seems to have no sense of direction, no meaning behind is madness. We will see what tomorrow brings, it should be promising.

Sunday February 20th 2005
Itís late on this night; itís almost morning on Monday in fact. At any rate I dare say that today was seemingly normal in our new town. Not much out of order talk. There was a small scuffle about why we are here, but no bother. Our cause is our own. Seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding as to why I call myself elite. Though it was explained, and all is well. Though some people donít want to let it go, and I frown upon them in my head when I see instigating talk. Otherwise we all had a safe and sound day of talk. I can only hope that the rest of the days go like this, the war may be over if it does. Only time will tell.

Monday February 21st 2005
Today was the calmest day I have ever seen here, and the one week anniversary since this all started. Aside from some throwing of rocks in harassment of the old empire citizens nothing substantial happened. There is little to nothing to talk about. Well, things happened, but I cannot tell what they are, as it would jeopardize them greatly. So I will stick with saying that this war is seemingly drawing to a close. Tomorrow I go back to my duties out side of this town as usual, fresh off a long weekend off. Things are shaping up to be very nice here; itís a nice atmosphere, much better then that of the old empire, where tensions were high. Here we are able to speak what we want. Itís a good change.

Thursday February 24th 2005
Well, I didnít write for the past few days because nothing really happened. Tension is still running high between the two empires and their citizens. Literature from some of The Exiles is being burned and destroyed at the old empires library. Itís a dirty move, but I guess I expected nothing else. I know I keep all mine backed up, and safe. In case things ever happen to me. At any rate attacks and spying are running high on both ends of the field, and I canít help but think this is being read by some people of the old empire. So thatís why plans are never mentioned in full here. Though, all of them will be seen by all soon enough. Word of a book being written by Mike has spread across the town, and we all anxiously await it. I know if it was released already I never received word, and I hope that I did not miss it. Here though, just talking about us, things are peaceful, we have our scuffles, though we still stand strong. No group of people are perfect, but I feel we are as close to perfect as any one group can be despite our different views, life styles, social status, religions, political views, and anything else you can think of that separates us apart. Overall today wasnít a bad day. I look forward for tomorrow as it is the start of the weekend, and I do not have to leave town for business.

Tuesday March 1st 2005
Things have really settled down now between the empires. Though things have sped up for me outside of the empire, my reason for lack of entries lately. We are still waiting for a book of the events that happened from a local empire member. He said it may not happen at all, I would suppose gathering information is hard. I hope it does happen since I can imagine some are still confused on some finer facts. Oh well, at any rate like I said our town is growing fast, strong, and stable with each passing day. Weíre even talking about invite others to it in order to help it grow more. To me this is not a bad idea. Iím always looking for new people to talk to. Though others are weary of it, which is understandable since a tight knit society wonít back stab you in the end. Personally I hope to see a few new members here and there, but weíll see. Hope the empire continues to prosper and grow as it has in the past days.

Tuesday March 8th 2005
This week, overall, was slow. Nothing major happened except the long awaited book was released. The book was full of facts about what had happened, for the sake of informing all as to why we are here and why we did what we did. It is a good read and I think everyone read it, those who didnít either donít care for our cause or are insane, or both even. Things between the empires have settled down as well. Though with in our own town there have been some small incidences where people were fighting or arguing. Couple that with the power outages weíve been havingÖ.so severe they affect our communication greatly and things have been touch and go for awhile. Though theyíre clearing up. I hope that they continue to get better as the next week rolls on