You have just entered room "Anti Lee Chat."
RyanSaotome: hey
MikeTyndall1: Hey
MikeTyndall1: Gotta edit some PMs, BRB
RyanSaotome: okay
blackholedemon90 has entered the room.
RyanSaotome: alright...
FireBot 4000: yes, edit the f**king hell out of them
FireBot 4000
: make it look like you were talking about drugs or something, lol
: in mike and my pms, we edited all of them
FireBot 4000: We must not tell anyone else
FireBot 4000
: too many people know now already
FireBot 4000
: two people were not approved by Suz, who first told me this info
: Finished
RyanSaotome: mike and i
blackholedemon90: hey
MikeTyndall1: Me and Zak's looks like an actual convo :-p
RyanSaotome: hey zak
blackholedemon90: lol
MikeTyndall1: *frolics*
blackholedemon90: I am in the dog house with Suz, aren't I?
RyanSaotome: in mike and my pms, we just blanked them or put "a"
FireBot 4000: good
FireBot 4000
: okay, now
: yeah zak, cuz of you, mike and I know
FireBot 4000: no one must know
FireBot 4000
: no one else, EVER
: Right
FireBot 4000: is this understood?
: yep
MikeTyndall1: Yes
RyanSaotome: Yeah
FireBot 4000: we don't talk to anyone on GR about it, via PM's or the boards
: Only on AIM
RyanSaotome: Okay
FireBot 4000: right
FireBot 4000
: only on AIM, or e-mails
: yes, and only people that know
FireBot 4000: right
: Geez... its kinda scary if lee can read pms
MikeTyndall1: Yeah
MikeTyndall1: I didn't think anybody could do that
blackholedemon90: yeah, I had some private ones before
FireBot 4000: we have to proof he can, but with stuff like this better safe then sorry
FireBot 4000
: no*
: What made you guys suspicious that he could do it?
blackholedemon90: yeah
RyanSaotome: i agree
blackholedemon90: I think I heard that he could do it a long time ago
FireBot 4000: right, me too
FireBot 4000
: he denied it
: Ah
FireBot 4000: but he's denied a lot
: like before miked joined, long time ago, lol
FireBot 4000: so do the math
: mike*
RyanSaotome: Firebot, in your e-mail to scott, are you mentioning lee?
FireBot 4000: no
: oh ok
RyanSaotome: can i invite in lee
FireBot 4000: I am, however, mentioning that I think it might not be a glitch in the system, because of the irregularity of it
: So did Lee ever even talk to Scott?
FireBot 4000: not according to scott he did not
: Thought so
RyanSaotome: hmm
RyanSaotome: lee is a bad bad man
FireBot 4000: Ryan, if you invite in lee I will block you on AIM forever, and any new names you create
: i was only kidding
MikeTyndall1: I feel sorry for blaming Scott for everything now...
RyanSaotome: lol
RyanSaotome: me too, mike
FireBot 4000: If anyone ever tells Lee I will find where you live, and I will hurt, and that is a promise
: you know, I have been thinking, what good will it do if we expose Lee publically
FireBot 4000: if you think I am kidding, just try me
: Yeah Zak
RyanSaotome: from what i heard, it sounds like scott is more responsible then we thought
FireBot 4000: he is
FireBot 4000
: Lee mislead us
: yeah
FireBot 4000: to cover himself up
: This sucks
blackholedemon90: I mean, if we do expose him publically, he will just MD us
blackholedemon90: the only way we can get rid of him is if Scott fires him
FireBot 4000: right, no one is to ever tell Lee, or scott, about this
FireBot 4000
: not now anyway
: Right
blackholedemon90: yeah
FireBot 4000: not with out approval from Suz
FireBot 4000
: at least
: Can we invite the others? Brandy, Suz?
blackholedemon90: why is Suz the ringleader of all of this?
FireBot 4000: they are not on AIM
: suz is the leader of the operation
FireBot 4000: she found out the info
FireBot 4000
: it is hers
: I could PM them
MikeTyndall1: Tell them to get on AIM
blackholedemon90: oh
RyanSaotome: should suz know that mike and I know?
FireBot 4000: it's deep stuff, and it all leads to her, I don't want her in trouble for a slip up on mine, or anyone elses, end
FireBot 4000
: she should, and she'll hate me for it
FireBot 4000
: but oh well, it's done now
FireBot 4000
: and you know
: no, I deserve the blame
RyanSaotome: i think lee deserves the blame
blackholedemon90: if she wants to hate someone she can hate me
blackholedemon90: want me to be the one to PM her?
MikeTyndall1: It's not too important, as long as somebody does it
MikeTyndall1: Is Brandy on?
blackholedemon90: nope
MikeTyndall1: On GR I mean
blackholedemon90: oh, lol, I dont know
MikeTyndall1: Let me check
FireBot 4000: no, no PM's about anything realting to this
FireBot 4000
: it's all thru AIM
FireBot 4000
: or e-mails
: I know, we would just tell them to get on AIM
FireBot 4000: anything off GR
: i gree with firebot
MikeTyndall1: A simple PM saying "Get on AIM"
blackholedemon90: wait, I told Suz to save the convo with Scott in a PM
MikeTyndall1: Then we could talk with them about it
blackholedemon90: I should tell her to edit it
MikeTyndall1: Do it now!
FireBot 4000: If I could have all of your e-mails to send you the letter, that'd be great
blackholedemon90: lol all gmail accounts
MikeTyndall1: Gmail > j00
blackholedemon90: yeah
RyanSaotome: mike, this is some heavy shit aint it?
MikeTyndall1: Yeah
RyanSaotome: i always thought lee was such a nice crippled old man too
MikeTyndall1: Yeah, he always seemed like a nice enough guy
RyanSaotome: but it seems he is actually a closet pedophile.
blackholedemon90: actually, I figured him for an ass for a while
MikeTyndall1: He's not very nice sometimes :-p
blackholedemon90: nope
FireBot 4000: sent
: especially when he touched those little kids.
MikeTyndall1: I'll start checking my e-mail more often, usually it's every couple of weeks or so :-p
blackholedemon90: lol I am making everything I said in my pm with suz "omg wtf lol"
MikeTyndall1: lol
RyanSaotome: u stole my saying
MikeTyndall1: Is she editing her post?
blackholedemon90: i don't know
MikeTyndall1: *PM
blackholedemon90: I didn't tell her too yet
FireBot 4000: the letter I wrote has my named signed at the bottom, that's the white space, dunno if that will show for you all or not.....
: I'm reading the letter now
blackholedemon90: I will read it as soon as I tell her to get on aim
FireBot 4000: any typos, grammatical errors, msleading points, left out points, etc let me know
: good point in asking scott about the tos
FireBot 4000: I proof read this more then my 300 point essayf or english, and my state writing test, lol
: lol
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: I know it isn't important, but do you guys wanna hear something cool?
MikeTyndall1: 'k
blackholedemon90: I figured out a way to get passed any school proxy
FireBot 4000: sure
: FB, the bottom part says ""
FireBot 4000: whoooo do tell
FireBot 4000
: ah, thank you
: go to
MikeTyndall1: I didn't see anything else though
FireBot 4000: okay
: Firebot, does this have to do with Lees pedophilic ways?!
blackholedemon90: then click on the link and put in the link you wanna get into
FireBot 4000: whooo...I like
FireBot 4000
: good stuff Zak
: Oh yeah, there was something about that on HW
FireBot 4000: Hax own j00
: Pretty cool
FireBot 4000: lol
: yeah
RyanSaotome: I feel sorry for Lees daughter
RyanSaotome: always getting felt up by him.
blackholedemon90: it wont let you post on forums though
blackholedemon90: LOL @ Ryan
FireBot 4000: LMAO
FireBot 4000
: okay, that was wrong,lol
: lol
RyanSaotome: "oh daddy, please don't do that"
MikeTyndall1: Lee's posted worse stuff than anybody else, come to think of it
FireBot 4000: hahah, okay, enough, that's not funny anymore
FireBot 4000: .......
FireBot 4000
: okay
FireBot 4000
: now that
: Lee did alot of sexual innuendos
MikeTyndall1: He posted all of those obscene comics once in the Cult thread
FireBot 4000: innuendos my a**, he was striaght up, lol
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: so is that letter good?
: Yeah, it's good
FireBot 4000: fair and reasonable?
: wait fb
MikeTyndall1: Yeah
RyanSaotome: Firebot, you should said "Somebody may have been deleting posts *coughLeecough*"
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: I didn't read it yet
FireBot 4000: no, that would destroy the credibility of my letter entirerly
FireBot 4000
: I have no solid proof it is him
: What other editors know? Just Jay?
FireBot 4000: yes
: yes
RyanSaotome: yes
FireBot 4000: no
FireBot 4000
: lol
: Jake is against the TOS but not what lee is doing
RyanSaotome: jake isnt an ed
RyanSaotome: u douchebag
blackholedemon90: oh eyah
blackholedemon90: lol
MikeTyndall1: Maybe Jay could help with the letter
MikeTyndall1: So there would be two eds signing it
blackholedemon90: yeah
blackholedemon90: I just told suz to get online
MikeTyndall1: Good
RyanSaotome: I think I should sign it too! "Ryan Saotome" "hey isnt that the spammer? This is probably a joke letter"
MikeTyndall1: lol
MikeTyndall1: "I banned that guy"
FireBot 4000: yeah...that'd....f**k it up, no offense
: lol
RyanSaotome: i know
RyanSaotome: im only kidding
RyanSaotome: haha
FireBot 4000: I'll get Suz to read over, and sign it as well, since he seems to talk to Suz :-p
: i wonder if they are dating
FireBot 4000: ....dude....not cool
: ?
FireBot 4000: what does it even matter?
: what
FireBot 4000: it has no relavence to the topic, lol
: lol correct
RyanSaotome: its gossip tho
FireBot 4000: Hell, what if I'm dating scott? Wouldn't change anything, LOL, except I'd be gay...which I'm not
: Will Suz be signing on soon?
blackholedemon90: FB, you need to explain why it is gossip
blackholedemon90: i mean irregular
blackholedemon90: LOL
RyanSaotome: oh
MikeTyndall1: This is doing wonders for my WhatPulse keycount
FireBot 4000: why what is irregular?
FireBot 4000
: the glitch?
: yes
blackholedemon90: say that it affects only certian members, and we don't lose them consistently
RyanSaotome: Mike, you were an accomplice to lee
FireBot 4000: irregular is describing it, it happens at odd times, no pattern,
: Yeah, only a few have actually lost posts
blackholedemon90: and it isn't as bad as the real post glitch a long time ago
blackholedemon90: yes, but you should say those other things as well
blackholedemon90: that further backs up your point that it must be an editor
FireBot 4000: well, we can't list all the people it happened to, since it was a wide span
: no, don't do that
FireBot 4000: that would discredit the point of saying it only happens to certain peopl
: just say that if it was a post glitch, you believe it would effect everyone
FireBot 4000: since it did happen to many
: and if u listed me he'd be like " i banned that guy, better ban him again"
FireBot 4000: the last glitch only, really, affected those that posted a large amount
: no it didn't FB
RyanSaotome: lee MD'd me ;_;
blackholedemon90: I didn't post much then and I was in the negative posts
MikeTyndall1: I think Odds mentioned losing posts too
MikeTyndall1: No, Simon
RyanSaotome: I lost 4000 posts last time
MikeTyndall1: Sorry
FireBot 4000: does it really matter who it affected
: only drew lost more
FireBot 4000: doesn't make the fact that someone may be doing it, or not
FireBot 4000
: change
: If it targets specific people though
FireBot 4000: it doesn't though
: what if...
FireBot 4000: the span is large
: lee was actually behind the first post glitch?
FireBot 4000: not as large as the first glitch, maybe, but too large to specify it as targeting a certain group
: Probably intentional
FireBot 4000: we could say all 'largly active posters' and that would really be all
: there you go, say that
blackholedemon90: the first one
RyanSaotome: mainly the cult it seems like
MikeTyndall1: The Cult posts the most
FireBot 4000: right, but that's extra info that doesn't really do anything for either argument for or against the possibility
: but the question remains
RyanSaotome: why was Lee MDing brandy? i thought they wuz friends
FireBot 4000: had it really just been cult members only, then yes, it would help greatly, but it wasn't
FireBot 4000
: no one say why, please
FireBot 4000
: gotta' run what zak said by Suz
FireBot 4000
: make sure we give out facts
: alright, never mind
RyanSaotome: um ok
blackholedemon90: yeah, I told FB why, but I guess I shouldn't say
MikeTyndall1: ?
RyanSaotome: mike, they are leaving us out in the cold :(
blackholedemon90: sorry, guys, I learned my lesson this time :-p
FireBot 4000: well, go ahead and tell them why
FireBot 4000
: no one is to tell this to anyone
: why? you just said not to say why
RyanSaotome: i promise i wont
MikeTyndall1: You can trust me
blackholedemon90: alright, I just want to make sure I have FB's permission
FireBot 4000: right, but it's not going to hurt anyone, since if it's not true, we arn't ones that will spread rumors
FireBot 4000
: and if anyone does they are MD'd
FireBot 4000
: simple as that
FireBot 4000
: and I find their house, and hurt them
: Ok, basically, Lee had feelings for Brandy
MikeTyndall1: !
blackholedemon90: does that surprise anyone?
RyanSaotome: ...
RyanSaotome: Wha?
FireBot 4000: hahaha
: lol
blackholedemon90: thats not all
FireBot 4000: LOL, love the reponse
FireBot 4000
: they're like "he did wha?"
: That's very weird
blackholedemon90: so, Lee thought that Brandy liked him back.
MikeTyndall1: I mean it's a message board
blackholedemon90: When he realized that Brandy was just leading him on, he got super mad
FireBot 4000: I'm not the only one into online dating it seems, LOL
MikeTyndall1: It's not the same though
RyanSaotome: ......
FireBot 4000:
FireBot 4000: I win = very yes
: This is really really weird
FireBot 4000: it's like one of them crazy drama shows on TV, lol
FireBot 4000
: hahaha
: well, weird as it may seem, my source believes it true
MikeTyndall1: I thought Lee was married? o_O
FireBot 4000: "A day in the life of GR" LMAO
: I thought he was too
blackholedemon90: yeah, thats what I thought
FireBot 4000: uh oh
FireBot 4000
: and now the twist happens
RyanSaotome: ...
MikeTyndall1: I have amnesia
FireBot 4000: *plays suspensful music*
: What!?
blackholedemon90: Well, no one knows what I just said, right? I think I was rambling on about pink monkeys
MikeTyndall1: I like monkeys
MikeTyndall1: Monkeys > j00
RyanSaotome: monkeys!!!
FireBot 4000: I have a monkey
: Monkeys> L33
MikeTyndall1: lol
RyanSaotome: OMG.
MikeTyndall1: ?
blackholedemon90: what ryan?
RyanSaotome: Lee is a masturbater who gets off to .txt files
MikeTyndall1: ...
FireBot 4000: .......
FireBot 4000: that was funny, lol
: lol
FireBot 4000: that's good stuff right there
FireBot 4000
: I'm going to keep that
: I just want to run this by you guys
MikeTyndall1: 'k
RyanSaotome: and hes the one who has that pic about not liking .jpg files
blackholedemon90: am I the only one who thinks posting what could be innuendos and then saying that you didnt mean it to sound like one is almost as funny as innuendos themselves?
MikeTyndall1: I never really got into that stuff :-p But yeah, maybe so
FireBot 4000: Like my long shower I took today
: innuendos arent funny
RyanSaotome: they are sick
FireBot 4000: lol
: lol yeah right
MikeTyndall1: So did someone ever PM Suz or Brandy?
RyanSaotome: interesting
blackholedemon90: ryan luvs innuendos on aim
FireBot 4000: I'm a very dirty minded person, in real life, so welcome to my world, lol
: I just noticed blackjaw didn't lose any posts
blackholedemon90: I IMed Brandy a while a go
RyanSaotome: and he is lees friend
blackholedemon90: good observation
FireBot 4000: that's becuase Lee is doing it!
FireBot 4000
: Christ, are you guys retarded?
: :(
blackholedemon90: LOL
FireBot 4000: blackjaw is a favorite of Lee
: firebot, did you see what lee did?
MikeTyndall1: Like blaze
blackholedemon90: I know, that is why it was a good observation
FireBot 4000: did anyone see his innuendo filled thread?
: yeah
MikeTyndall1: Which one?
FireBot 4000: notice stayed, till i stepped in>
FireBot 4000
: then it was changed
: You mean blackjaw's TY list?
FireBot 4000: his 10K post one
: lee made blackjaw an ed, just so you couldnt' delete his thread
FireBot 4000: with the 8===D
: yeah
FireBot 4000: I can delete anything that breaks rules
: I forgot about blackjaw becoming an ed
blackholedemon90: that pissed me off
FireBot 4000: eds are not about the TOS
: i know that all too well
FireBot 4000: whoever thinks that can run something by me
: i got posts deleted when i was an ed
blackholedemon90: Ryan, tell them why Blackjaw was made an editor?
RyanSaotome: and because im not liked, they can delete my posts
blackholedemon90: yeah
RyanSaotome: but if theres an ed thats liked, nobody can delete their posts
FireBot 4000: I like no one
FireBot 4000
: so I keep the favorite picking a-holes in check
: Blackjaw became an editor so FB would have to get off his back about that thread
RyanSaotome: yup
FireBot 4000: I'm sending that letter now, if you all think it's good, I don't want to wait too long
: i think its good
MikeTyndall1: Let Zak read it
FireBot 4000: no, they just think I had to
: its really good
blackholedemon90: I read most of it
FireBot 4000: no one is above the rules, it DOESN"T state anyone is in the TOS
: yeah
MikeTyndall1: A similar letter from Jay would be good
FireBot 4000: there for I can delete Lee's things i feel they violate it
FireBot 4000
: I am the master of finding loopholes, and I've found many in this TOS
: Maybe Jaycube wasn't actually the one that wrote it?
blackholedemon90: remember what happened to carlos, FB?
FireBot 4000: I don't recall, no
: he got his powers taken away because he deleted another mod's post that he thought violated the TOS
FireBot 4000: oh well
: What was the post?
blackholedemon90: looking back on it, that sucks
FireBot 4000: I know Lee's little secret :-p
FireBot 4000
: so me > him
: you shouldn't delete another editors topic, firebot
blackholedemon90: It was a picture of an undwear modle sporting a large "package"
RyanSaotome: its not worth it
MikeTyndall1: Er...
FireBot 4000: it doesn't say I can't in the TOS< damn it
FireBot 4000
: the TOS is the law now
FireBot 4000
: I follow it, and I enforce it
: LOL You should delete the TOS
FireBot 4000: I will live by it, and die by it, it's my duty as an editor
: but you'll be fired
RyanSaotome: lol
RyanSaotome: delete the tos
RyanSaotome: lol!
FireBot 4000: if someone wants to tell me otherwise too bad
: If Lee deletes me I'm going to GR% :-p
FireBot 4000: I'm doing my job how I was told to do it
: me too
blackholedemon90: I will spam GR and then go to GR%
MikeTyndall1: I probably wouldn't spam...
MikeTyndall1: No one would know why
MikeTyndall1: I would be remembered as just a spammer
blackholedemon90: thats why I would spam a topic incriminating him :-p
RyanSaotome: i would go to gamespot if i was MD'd
RyanSaotome: Gamespot has better boards then Gamerankings IMO
FireBot 4000: I would go to scotts, and have a nice talk with him if I was deleted
: I only stay at Gamerankings cuz i know people there
blackholedemon90: not here, Ryan
blackholedemon90: I hate huge boards, and Gamespots is way too big
RyanSaotome: yeah, you have 56k
blackholedemon90: no that isn't why
blackholedemon90: I don't like navagating them
MikeTyndall1: Everything's too fast?
RyanSaotome: gamespot has thousands of boards
RyanSaotome: so you can always find somewhere to post :)
blackholedemon90: I like being able to post on All Msgs about all subjects and see everything there
FireBot 4000: shall I mail the letter now?
: yes
MikeTyndall1: Yeah, me too
MikeTyndall1: Sure, mail it
blackholedemon90: yes
RyanSaotome: you can post on gamefaqs boards on gamespot
blackholedemon90: I knw
blackholedemon90: know*
RyanSaotome: i have almost 800 posts on Gamespot since December
MikeTyndall1: I would go to GR% since they have monthly prizes :-p
blackholedemon90: hey, gonna get some nachos, so brb
MikeTyndall1: Bring me some
RyanSaotome: nachos! yum
FireBot 4000: letter is being mailed in t-minus however long it takes, lol
: The guy who runs GR% apparently doesn't do it as his full-time job though
MikeTyndall1: And he makes enough from ad money that he doesn't really have to maintain the site
MikeTyndall1: There wasn't even a drawing last month because of that
MikeTyndall1: .boysetsfire lost all of his points for nothing
FireBot 4000: I wil mail the e-mail via my sites account, make it more official as a webmaster of another sire
FireBot 4000
: site*
: Good idea
RyanSaotome: good idea ^_^
RyanSaotome: firebot, you shoulda sent it snail mail along with some cheetos and porn
MikeTyndall1: BRB, gonna get a drink
FireBot 4000: sent
: lol ryan
FireBot 4000: snail mail is my second resort if this fails
: are you gonna send cheetos and porn with it?
FireBot 4000: no
: What's ironic is that the TOS is hosted on FB's webspace
blackholedemon90: International Superhits rules
RyanSaotome: O_O
blackholedemon90: delete it FB!
RyanSaotome: Firebot!
RyanSaotome: you backstabber!!
MikeTyndall1: I put it there
blackholedemon90: say it was a glitch!
blackholedemon90: lol
MikeTyndall1: It's in the RPX space he gave me
FireBot 4000: weak
FireBot 4000
: lol
FireBot 4000
: Oh well
: what?
RyanSaotome: Delete it, FB!
FireBot 4000: Hmmmm........this could make me become rather evil.......
: I can mess with it
FireBot 4000: we could....tweak...somethings, if you will
: lol
FireBot 4000: nah...maybe later :-p
: "No spamming after the first four times, unless you have a good reason"
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: Not that pissed....yet
: lol!
blackholedemon90: hey, you know, I just thought of something
FireBot 4000: how much I likecheese?
: What?
blackholedemon90: we aren't legally obligated to follow the tos, are we?
blackholedemon90: It isn't C|Net's real TOS
blackholedemon90: so technically GR has no offical one
MikeTyndall1: At the top it says that we agree to it by posting on the boards
FireBot 4000: unless it states that by posting and accessing this site we agree
FireBot 4000
: then we do
: but there isn't anything like that
MikeTyndall1: Unless I take that part out :-p
FireBot 4000: the parent comapny is responsible for the TOS of the owned companies
: oh
blackholedemon90: therefore it isn't official
FireBot 4000: though certain things can carry over, depends on the company
FireBot 4000
: no, it's not, Scott never approved it, that's why it was in my letter
: New PM from Lee:
RyanSaotome: ???
FireBot 4000: atleast he didn't approve it that we know of
: Just a second
MikeTyndall1: The ToS is here to stay, therefore, any petitions against all or part of it will not be tolerated. Those type of threads/posts will be deleted immediately.
MikeTyndall1: He wants that added to the TOS
blackholedemon90: ...........
RyanSaotome: ...
blackholedemon90: he is the most power hungry basterd ever
RyanSaotome: tell lee to go screw himself
blackholedemon90: bastard*
FireBot 4000: hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah LOL LOL LOL LOLLLLL *dies*
: lol
FireBot 4000: Let him do it then, pussy
: Mike, can you add this: "The ToS is here to stay"
MikeTyndall1: "Screw you!"
FireBot 4000: He's afraid that the members mgith be right
: lol
FireBot 4000: he's like a terrorist, wants to own the world, but is too much of a pussy to make a move so he sits back an harasses everyone
: you should add to it that the clan threads are invulnerable to any rules
MikeTyndall1: lol
FireBot 4000: Yes, that's right, I said it, and I ment it
: He's going crazy
MikeTyndall1: Lee
MikeTyndall1: Suz is on now
MikeTyndall1: Shall I invite her?
FireBot 4000: indeed yes
: :)
MikeTyndall1: Invited her
blackholedemon90: why doesn't she appear online to me?
FireBot 4000: wish I would have waited on the letter >.< She took too long
: there e go
suzashley has entered the room.
RyanSaotome: hi
MikeTyndall1: Hi Suz
blackholedemon90: suz, go edit our PMs right now!
suzashley: WTF?
suzashley: What happened? I just lost 300 posts!
MikeTyndall1: Lee happened
FireBot 4000: it's happening again
: lee got trigger happy again
blackholedemon90: what do you think?
FireBot 4000: we're here to stop it
: suz, make it so he can't read anything we posted in our PMs
blackholedemon90: i made it "omg wtf lol"
suzashley: hold on... I'll go do that...
MikeTyndall1: We should ask Scott if it's possible for Lee to read them
blackholedemon90: yeah
RyanSaotome: then we wouldn't have to only talk on aim
blackholedemon90: just for the record, I didn't lose anymore
FireBot 4000: I have a letter I wrote to scott that I would like you to read, Suz, if you have time, it doesn't detail Lee, but just some things I am concerned about.
: I lost some
MikeTyndall1: More than 100
FireBot 4000: 325 for the night, w00t w00t
: Lost?
FireBot 4000: yep
: i lost about 160 total
MikeTyndall1: Grrr
RyanSaotome: it seems like lee mass deletes so many noobs
RyanSaotome: i see all kinsd of noobs with negative posts
MikeTyndall1: Almost everybody starts with negative posts
blackholedemon90: yeah
FireBot 4000: yeah, why do you think GR is the same people over and over
FireBot 4000
: you all harass them, theyget pissed, off, and MD'd, lol
: lol
FireBot 4000: well, not you guys, but everyone on GR
: lol
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: I have been doing it lately, lol
blackholedemon90: ryan knows, huh?
RyanSaotome: me too
RyanSaotome: ya
RyanSaotome: like that one guys thread where we talked like n00bs
blackholedemon90: I told one today do poop in his GC to clean the laser
MikeTyndall1: lol
FireBot 4000: that works though
FireBot 4000
: I did it on my PC
: lol
RyanSaotome: LOL
blackholedemon90: too bad Jay uninstalled AIM or he could be here too
MikeTyndall1: This may sound stupid, but I've gotta train my hobo :-p BRB
RyanSaotome: yea
RyanSaotome: hobolicious
FireBot 4000: right, so anyway.....I'v assembled you all here becuase of the tides of power are starting to take a turns in the hand of a mad man on GR. You're here becuase you are the best at what you do...
: yeah me too
FireBot 4000: you all have something I will, at one point, need
: lol
FireBot 4000: *looks around* What....I like suspense movies, LOL
: you are making it seem like we are trying to save the world
blackholedemon90: like on armegeddon
FireBot 4000: SHhhhh
: Cool
FireBot 4000: that's where I got it from, LOL, Zak, you ruined it!
suzashley: Brandy's TY list was deleted...
blackholedemon90: sorry, never see that movie
blackholedemon90: .......................
suzashley: This is good...
RyanSaotome: >.<
suzashley: This is wonderful... this place is do fooked
suzashley: *so
MikeTyndall1: Suz, did you see the PM I posted from Lee?
RyanSaotome: damnit
MikeTyndall1: Just a second, let me get it
RyanSaotome: lee is going crazy
suzashley: No, where?
FireBot 4000: Okay, Suz, I have a letter I wrote to Scott, I want you to read it, if you have time
: The ToS is here to stay, therefore, any petitions against all or part of it will not be tolerated. Those type of threads/posts will be deleted immediately.
MikeTyndall1: He wants me to revise the TOS to have that
suzashley: Oh...
suzashley: So I've heard that already. :/
suzashley: It's because of Jake.
suzashley: Man...
suzashley: guys...
RyanSaotome: ?
suzashley: I had Lee telling me everything...
RyanSaotome: ???
MikeTyndall1: !
blackholedemon90: WHAT?!?!
FireBot 4000: this is one big joke
: Now he stopped and deleted our PM's/
MikeTyndall1: Whoa!
RyanSaotome: !?
suzashley: Yeah
suzashley: I think I'm fooked now too!
FireBot 4000: this is all fake
: Save that!
suzashley: I was giving out the info...
suzashley: To a few people and I think he caught wind of it.
MikeTyndall1: Save the page next time he does something like that
suzashley: brandy wants to join
FireBot 4000: no, wait........this info was all fake then
: Sure, invite her
blackholedemon90: so he can see our PMs?
RyanSaotome: fake?
suzashley: k brb
RyanSaotome: wha?
blackholedemon90: what why was it fake?
FireBot 4000: yes, is that was suz is saying?
FireBot 4000
: Lee told all of it to her
: *confused*
suzashley: NO
blackholedemon90: im confused too
suzashley: Listen... stop typing...
RyanSaotome: me 3
blackholedemon90: k
suzashley: I'm going to bring Brandy in, then I'll tell you... brb
MikeTyndall1: 'k
RyanSaotome: ok
suzashley: ok...
lalacfb has entered the room.
MikeTyndall1: Hi Brandy
suzashley: So, Lee and I have been PMing, he's been telling me everything he's thinking and planning...
RyanSaotome: hi
blackholedemon90: hi brandy
lalacfb: Hello, everybody.
lalacfb: So what is he planning?
suzashley: So all of a sudden he deleted the whole PM thread
suzashley: Same for you too Brandy right?
blackholedemon90: ................
RyanSaotome: weird.
lalacfb: Yep, all of ours.
MikeTyndall1: Wow
suzashley: So I dunno what he's up to now. :/
blackholedemon90: you mean he was about to tell you what he was gonna do, and he deleted the PM?
suzashley: Yeah
RyanSaotome: why was he telling you in the first place?
lalacfb: Really?
blackholedemon90: wow
MikeTyndall1: Did he tell you anything?
suzashley: Because... err... he trusts me?! :/
blackholedemon90: HAHAHA!
blackholedemon90: PWNT!
RyanSaotome: ...shut up zak.
MikeTyndall1: lol
suzashley: Well... in all seriousness...
lalacfb: He told me that the TosS was coming..I feel bad I didn't warn anyone.:/
suzashley: Yeah, me too. :/
FireBot 4000: so he told you he hated his job, and that he was doing the glitch?
: I knew a bit in advance since I coded the thing :-p
FireBot 4000: etc etc
: Not that he was responsible for the glitch... but I got that PM that was supposed to go to brandy by accident.
lalacfb: Wait, he confessed to the glitch?
lalacfb: Which one?
blackholedemon90: o.O you dind't know?
suzashley: This is the problem...
suzashley: He deleted that damn PM right away after I read it! :/
MikeTyndall1: What was in it?
suzashley: Like within minutes...
suzashley: hold on
FireBot 4000: what was it about?
: FB looks like he is yelling.
FireBot 4000: I might be by now, lol
FireBot 4000
: no more bold, how's that?
blackholedemon90: what is going on?
blackholedemon90: oh
blackholedemon90: never mind
FireBot 4000: Waiting to see what the PM was about
RyanSaotome: i cant wait
FireBot 4000: if he said anything that he was behind the glitch my letter to Scott means that much more
MikeTyndall1: I wish we had a screenshot or a saved HTML page
FireBot 4000: brb
MikeTyndall1: Though I could manufacture one :-p
blackholedemon90: but it doesn't matter
blackholedemon90: you don't have proof that he said it
blackholedemon90: it is suz's word against his
MikeTyndall1: Yeah
suzashley: Basically...
blackholedemon90: and frankly, who do you think scott will believe?
suzashley: Sorry for the delay
lalacfb: OK, confession time.
blackholedemon90: his long time editor or suz?
lalacfb: Lee is in love with me.
lalacfb: I am serious.
suzashley: :-p
RyanSaotome: ...
suzashley: She is
lalacfb: Not kidding at all,
blackholedemon90: I have a confession to make
suzashley: That's how this all started.
lalacfb: I pissed him off because I can't return it.
blackholedemon90: someone told me before that Lee liked Brandy
MikeTyndall1: Who?
RyanSaotome: And zak told us
MikeTyndall1: Yeah, Zak told us
lalacfb: Like isn't the word.
suzashley: He's crazy
MikeTyndall1: That's very very weird
suzashley: Not Zak, lee.
blackholedemon90: it was the other Brandi, actually
suzashley: WHA?
RyanSaotome: so this is all about lee being rejected!?
lalacfb: Crying uncontrollably and threatening to kill himself is the right word.
blackholedemon90: I don't know how she knew
MikeTyndall1: Jeez!
suzashley: How does dipshit Brandi know?
RyanSaotome: lee... threatened to kill himself?!
lalacfb: Yep,any way, so I can't return it, so he mded me.
MikeTyndall1: That's insane!!!
blackholedemon90: woah, lee doesn't need to be fired, he needs help
RyanSaotome: Geez...
MikeTyndall1: Seriously, he does
RyanSaotome: Isn't Lee married?
blackholedemon90: Brandy, doesn't he have kids and a wife?
blackholedemon90: yeah
lalacfb: Yesm, he is, but that isn't the point.
FireBot 4000: ....................
blackholedemon90: but that makes it worse, doens't it?
suzashley: He's obsessed with her... :/
FireBot 4000: I brush my teeth and sh*t hits the fan
MikeTyndall1: That's freaky
RyanSaotome: Why would Lee be obsessed with someone he has never met?
blackholedemon90: pardon my french, but all of this is fucked up
lalacfb: it is very fucked up.
MikeTyndall1: Agreed, frenchy
FireBot 4000: .......fucked up is right
suzashley: It's BEYOND fucked uP!
RyanSaotome: yeah.
FireBot 4000: this is fucked up here| and this shit is over here -------|
blackholedemon90: lol
MikeTyndall1: lol
suzashley: This is the backstory behind our "glitch" theory
blackholedemon90: do we have any way to prove any of this?
FireBot 4000: So all this is becuase he's mad>
blackholedemon90: to scott I mean
suzashley: You see why it makes perfect sense to us now.
MikeTyndall1: Yes
blackholedemon90: yes, it does
blackholedemon90: I have a question, I heard that Lee is Booker T as well
MikeTyndall1: !!!
RyanSaotome: What!?!?!?!?
lalacfb: Who told you that!!
RyanSaotome: Is this true?
MikeTyndall1: It could be...
blackholedemon90: I er, just heard it
MikeTyndall1: From who?
blackholedemon90: Actually, would it surprise any of you
RyanSaotome: It would surprise me
MikeTyndall1: It's definitely possible
blackholedemon90: I don't really wanna say who
MikeTyndall1: That's OK
FireBot 4000:, going crazy
blackholedemon90: I just am putting it out there that I heard it
RyanSaotome: I don't see how it could be Lee...
blackholedemon90: why not ryan?
lalacfb: I know who it was, they are the only person I told.
blackholedemon90: it sure pissed us off
FireBot 4000: We have a suicidal lover on a psycho love rage MDing people.........fucked up......very fucked up.....
RyanSaotome: so its true? he is booker t?
MikeTyndall1: Booker T and Lee are pretty similar posters
lalacfb: Yes, Lee is Booker.
MikeTyndall1: !
suzashley: Yes he is.
MikeTyndall1: Wow
FireBot 4000: Whew, good
FireBot 4000: I was scured I gave false info
suzashley: Who the hell keeps telling secrets around here? :?
blackholedemon90: I um, just kind of have to sit back, and you know, take this all in
MikeTyndall1: Hasn't Booker been around for a really long time, though?
RyanSaotome: Yeah
RyanSaotome: since 2002 i think
blackholedemon90: not really
blackholedemon90: he said that he made a new account I think
RyanSaotome: So... Lee was behind the T&A shit?
lalacfb: Everyone arund here is a terrible secret kieeper.
MikeTyndall1: Member Since: 6/7/2002
blackholedemon90: I suppose so
suzashley: :-p
MikeTyndall1: That's from Booker's account page
suzashley: We are horrible... don't tell anyone anything...
FireBot 4000: Zak fecked it up
FireBot 4000: lol
MikeTyndall1: We won't
RyanSaotome: zak told me
lalacfb: Liars.
RyanSaotome: then I told mike with zaks permission
suzashley: Zak!
suzashley: HAHAHA
blackholedemon90: Sorry
lalacfb: Zak told what?
blackholedemon90: I deserve all the hate for it
FireBot 4000: I told him to not tell anyone
suzashley: Sorry... I find this "secret" keeping too funny...
FireBot 4000: he told ryan
blackholedemon90: and I did anyways
FireBot 4000: then ryan told mike
FireBot 4000: I aws like FUCKING A! LOL
MikeTyndall1: And then I told FB, and he already knew :-p
lalacfb: Who told you about Booker?
suzashley: Wait, Didn't I tell you FB about Booker and Lee? :-p
blackholedemon90: who? me?
FireBot 4000: Suz told me
FireBot 4000: I told Zak, with permission from Suz
MikeTyndall1: I was kidding
FireBot 4000: and zak went nuts,lol
blackholedemon90: lol
RyanSaotome: geez...
blackholedemon90: I thought I could trust ryan
lalacfb: So it wasn't who I thought it was?
FireBot 4000: I told you zak, lol
RyanSaotome: and i didnt tell mike till i got zaks permission
blackholedemon90: frankly, I have told Ryan private stuff before and he kept it
FireBot 4000:
lalacfb: Trust Ryan? :-D
suzashley: I gave you permission to tell Zak about the other thing, not the Lee Booker thing...
blackholedemon90: Look, does it really matter who told who what?
blackholedemon90: we all know, that is the point
RyanSaotome: i agree
FireBot 4000: Damn it, lol, well it all kind of tied in together
MikeTyndall1: Yeah
RyanSaotome: just we cant let anyone else know
blackholedemon90: yeah
FireBot 4000: Anyone else that tells anyone will be killed, because my trust was just f**king killed right now
MikeTyndall1: If it was more than a post count, this would make a great movie :-p
blackholedemon90: sorry FB :-p
blackholedemon90: lol
blackholedemon90: It could replace LOST!
lalacfb: You guys are spastic as hell.
MikeTyndall1: hell
blackholedemon90: spastic?
FireBot 4000: that's a good word
RyanSaotome: *cries*
blackholedemon90: sounds like it could be an innuendo word
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: ..........
suzashley: *removes foot from mouth* what was I saying about telling secrets? :-p
FireBot 4000: oh, come on
MikeTyndall1: So does anybody else know outside this chat?
blackholedemon90: come on suz, if anyone deserves to be mad at it is me?
RyanSaotome: jay does
blackholedemon90: yeah, I think that is it
RyanSaotome: lets stop getting mad at eachother, and get back to the point in hand
lalacfb: anybody know what?
FireBot 4000: I just told Zak with permission from Suz, I'm sorry for telling the booker lee thing to him, I thought it was covered
MikeTyndall1: Does anybody know about Lee or about the Lee/Booker thing
FireBot 4000: what?
suzashley: Nah, it's ok.
RyanSaotome: what?
MikeTyndall1: Talking to Brandy :-p
suzashley: Mike, what are you asking?
blackholedemon90: yeah, and I am sorry for telling Ryan, I told im personal things before, and Ithought I could trust him
MikeTyndall1: She was replying to my question above about whether anybody else knew
RyanSaotome: i'd never tell one of Zaks secrets without permission
MikeTyndall1: She asked what I meant
MikeTyndall1: So I clarified it :-p
lalacfb: Who told Jay?
suzashley: Zak did you show Ryan my pic?
MikeTyndall1: Hey yeah, who told Jay?
RyanSaotome: no he didnt
blackholedemon90: No, I didn't
FireBot 4000: I didn't even know Jay knew, he knows?
suzashley: What does Jay know?
MikeTyndall1: Didn't somebody say he did?
RyanSaotome: zak told me he knew
lalacfb: About Booker.
FireBot 4000: *is so confused* damn you all!!!!!!!!!!!
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: I need to take notes.....
RyanSaotome: oh, i don't think jay knew about that
blackholedemon90: I don't know about him knowing about booker
RyanSaotome: i think he only knows about the "post glitch"
blackholedemon90: yeah, thats what I knew
MikeTyndall1: Okay, everybody stop for a second
RyanSaotome: ya?
MikeTyndall1: Who else knows about the Lee thing?
MikeTyndall1: Besides us?
RyanSaotome: jay, and thats it I think
blackholedemon90: no one
suzashley: EC knows.
blackholedemon90: well yeah, Jay
suzashley: :-D
RyanSaotome: he does?
blackholedemon90: EC?
RyanSaotome: everclear
suzashley: Yeah
MikeTyndall1: Everclear
lalacfb: I'm so confused.
RyanSaotome: in about a week, half of GR will know it seems like
RyanSaotome: lol
blackholedemon90: so we aren't the only ones guilty of telling secrets, eh suz?
MikeTyndall1: Okay, now everybody stop again...
MikeTyndall1: Who told Jay?
blackholedemon90: I didn't
RyanSaotome: i didnt
RyanSaotome: firebot...?
FireBot 4000: OMG, who ruined the secret? Damn you all, I thought it was only like 5-6 people that knew.....
lalacfb: We all tell secrets.
FireBot 4000: I told one person, LOL
FireBot 4000: With permission
FireBot 4000: does that make me teh best secret keeper here?
MikeTyndall1: Brandy, did you tell Jay?
blackholedemon90: I told one, w/o it, LOL
lalacfb: No, why?
MikeTyndall1: I'm just trying to clear things up here :-p
RyanSaotome: none of us confess to telling jay... so... who told jay?!
MikeTyndall1: Does Jay know?
blackholedemon90: Yes he does
MikeTyndall1: That would explain why he stopped complaining about posts
FireBot 4000: *gets a coke from the fridge and sits on the couch* This will get good, lol
lalacfb: Someone said he did, id why I asked...if he doesn't, then nevermind.
suzashley: I told Jay about the post glitch theory, that's why he stopped complaining about posts.
suzashley: Not about the Booker thing.
RyanSaotome: oh, okay.
lalacfb: Are we all clear?
RyanSaotome: yeah
blackholedemon90: yes
FireBot 4000: sure
MikeTyndall1: Brandy, you mentioned telling somebody about the Lee/Booker thing. Was it somebody outside this chat room?
FireBot 4000: for now, lol
blackholedemon90: I don't think Jay knows about Booker
FireBot 4000: *cires* we just went over this!
FireBot 4000: *hits head on desk*
blackholedemon90: deja vu!
lalacfb: No, I told Suz.
suzashley: *hits FB's head on desk*
RyanSaotome: lol
MikeTyndall1: OK, good
RyanSaotome: this is funny
FireBot 4000: lol
MikeTyndall1: Now what else are we not clear on?
FireBot 4000: why he's taking it out on us, lol
FireBot 4000: and no one can answer that
FireBot 4000: if you can
MikeTyndall1: lol
FireBot 4000: please do
RyanSaotome: lee is even more pathetic then me
blackholedemon90: because we complained I guess
FireBot 4000: *intentivly waits*
blackholedemon90: about losing posts when Brandy was MD'd
FireBot 4000: ......well DURRRRRRRRR
FireBot 4000: what did he expect
RyanSaotome: yeah
FireBot 4000: dumba**
MikeTyndall1: Okay, so everything's straightened out now, it now the question is, what do we do?
RyanSaotome: all we know is that we were losing posts
blackholedemon90: He hates his
lalacfb: I'll brb.
blackholedemon90: I say we pretend to not know
FireBot 4000: Look, I sent a letter to Scott, about the TOS, and the 'post glitch'
FireBot 4000: I will await a reply
suzashley: We all wish he'd leave... but he's stuck here.
MikeTyndall1: OK
blackholedemon90: see how the Scott letter goes
RyanSaotome: will any of you be sad if he actually kills himself?
blackholedemon90: not if he gets fired
MikeTyndall1: What are we aiming for, though? Are we looking to get Lee fired?
blackholedemon90: Ryan, I would
blackholedemon90: I guess
suzashley: I can't be part of that.
suzashley: He has my address. :/
blackholedemon90: what else is there to do?
MikeTyndall1: Creepy
RyanSaotome: damn...
FireBot 4000: He has my address as well
RyanSaotome: He has my address too...
MikeTyndall1: How'd he get your addresses?
blackholedemon90: you guys are dumbasses, lol
suzashley: I have all your addresses! Wuahahah
lalacfb: He has a fake one of mine and tried to send me something.
FireBot 4000: My address is out there, lol
lalacfb: brb for real
RyanSaotome: When I was an editor, he sent me some stuff
blackholedemon90: you don't have mine suz :-p
MikeTyndall1: Yeesh Brandy, that's even creepier
FireBot 4000: He can come and kill me, raging psycho
suzashley: Damnit! You didn't do the raffle.
blackholedemon90: lol
MikeTyndall1: lol
FireBot 4000: I'll take this as far as I can
blackholedemon90: So we are looking for Lee to get fired. Is that agreed?
suzashley: FB, you had a letter you wanted me to look at?
RyanSaotome: Lee is creepy.
FireBot 4000: I'll do him the favor of getting rid of his 'burden' of a job.
RyanSaotome: Yes I agree Zak
MikeTyndall1: Agreed
FireBot 4000: Yes Suz
MikeTyndall1: It's the only way
FireBot 4000: what is your e-mail?
suzashley: Duh!
MikeTyndall1: Want a Gmail invite? :-p
blackholedemon90: So I believe our first course of action is to see what happens with FB's letter
suzashley: Nope, I have like 5 email addys already.
MikeTyndall1: But...1000MB of storage! :-p I love Gmail so much
RyanSaotome: yes zak
FireBot 4000: right
RyanSaotome: hopefully scott answers
MikeTyndall1: He should
blackholedemon90: if scott doesn't respond in...........a week, we send it to CNet?
FireBot 4000: if not, I will send it snail mail
RyanSaotome: too bad lee deleted the PM, or we'd have some hard evidence against him
FireBot 4000: to scott
blackholedemon90: yeah that would work too
FireBot 4000: then e-mail to cnet
FireBot 4000: then snail mailt to cnet
FireBot 4000: then in person with scott
suzashley: I'd like to help with contact to Scott since he's talked to me... but I don't want to get to deep, you know?
FireBot 4000: right
MikeTyndall1: Yeah, we understand
blackholedemon90: sure
RyanSaotome: in person with scott?
FireBot 4000: I can do all the sketchy stuff, since I'm psycho
MikeTyndall1: Isn't he in LA or something?
suzashley: Yeah he is.
blackholedemon90: Should we plan to meet here next week at the same time?
lalacfb: San Fransisco.
FireBot 4000: I can fly, flying > j00
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: Yes, I will do it too
blackholedemon90: anyone like my idea? we will see if scott responded
MikeTyndall1: I've never seen a chat stay this on-topic before
blackholedemon90: if he does before then, FB can call an emergency meeting right away or something
MikeTyndall1: Most serious chat evar :-p
blackholedemon90: LOL Mike
FireBot 4000: I will contact all of you ASAP
MikeTyndall1: And then we'll all meet on AIM
blackholedemon90: but no later than a week?
MikeTyndall1: Sounds good
suzashley: Damn... GR password requests galore!
FireBot 4000: yeah, a week I will wait
MikeTyndall1: I haven't checked my hotmail account in a long time
suzashley: All today... :/
lalacfb: I had 254.
MikeTyndall1: Jeez, what if Lee's hacking us?
FireBot 4000: sent the e-mail suz
blackholedemon90: so everyone, just endure Lee deleting you for now, don't do anything rash
lalacfb: I think he is.
FireBot 4000: don't get me going on that Mike
blackholedemon90: and I know this doesn't sound good comming from me, but don't tell anyone else :-p
blackholedemon90: I wouldn't be surprised
suzashley: Lee can't hack>.<
FireBot 4000: Right
FireBot 4000: he can't program
blackholedemon90: LOL
lalacfb: I'm seroius, he got very pissed at me once for not telling him who else I PMed with.
MikeTyndall1: He doesn't need to, he just needs a password
RyanSaotome: Lee is scary
suzashley: He can't sort a table!
blackholedemon90: LOL
FireBot 4000: he can't guess passwords, it takes skills and program, trust me, I've done it, lol
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: geeze, he was obsessed with you, Brandy
lalacfb: Is.
suzashley: More than that!
blackholedemon90: yeah, your right
suzashley: *shivers*
RyanSaotome: more then that?
lalacfb: He's a psycho, really.
blackholedemon90: scary indeed
MikeTyndall1: It is
suzashley: Yeah, he's crazy. Like, needing meds crazy.
blackholedemon90: yeah
lalacfb: Like needing a padded room crazy.
suzashley: :-p
RyanSaotome: i never knew lee was like that
blackholedemon90: this reminds me of the time I helped to try to stop Roy G. Biv from killing himself
suzashley: Sorry... stupid cheery AIM
RyanSaotome: i thought he was only into little boys, but i guess he is even worse then that
blackholedemon90: LOL
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: Ryan, remember Roy G. Biv?
RyanSaotome: yeah
RyanSaotome: i was him
lalacfb: Suz, remember when I told him I didn't want to talk to him any more and he accused me of having someone else?
blackholedemon90: seriously?
MikeTyndall1: LOL!
RyanSaotome: yeah
blackholedemon90: LMFAO ryan
RyanSaotome: :-p
FireBot 4000: dude....if Lee comes to my house....he's so f**ked.......*is thinking again* damn me, lol
suzashley: How could I forget!?! He'd PM the hell outta me whenever he was mad at you!
MikeTyndall1: BRB
blackholedemon90: yeah I will brb too
lalacfb: I had to.
suzashley: HAHAHAHA
FireBot 4000: Shhhhh brb, LOL
RyanSaotome: o.o
suzashley: I thought that was earlier? :-p
lalacfb: OMG>>
FireBot 4000: I'm kidding!
FireBot 4000: lol
lalacfb: I haven't said kill kittens in two days!!
suzashley: Ryan is such a prude!
blackholedemon90: LOL
RyanSaotome: a prude?
RyanSaotome: whats a prude?
lalacfb: Did he leave?
suzashley: Who?
lalacfb: Ithought Ryan left..
lalacfb: Nevermind..
FireBot 4000: LMAO
RyanSaotome: I didn't leave...
blackholedemon90: Funny thing aout that statement is that we are both catholics, so masturbation for us is a no-no, lol
suzashley: I knew he was still here.
blackholedemon90: wait
lalacfb: I see this, Dipass.
blackholedemon90: my bad
blackholedemon90: Christians
RyanSaotome: >.<
FireBot 4000: *reads zaks message*........son of a b**ch......
suzashley: How can masturbation be a no-no?
suzashley: :-O
FireBot 4000: lol
blackholedemon90: eh, I don't wanna get into it
FireBot 4000: I'm so going to hell, LOL
RyanSaotome: now we got off topic
RyanSaotome: lol
suzashley: HAHAHA
blackholedemon90: LOL No FB
blackholedemon90: maybe later Suz
FireBot 4000:
suzashley: What's later? You're a little young deary.
FireBot 4000: hahahahahahaah
blackholedemon90: LMFAO
lalacfb: What's PWNT?
lalacfb: That past tense?
blackholedemon90: *was PWNT* that was great
FireBot 4000: yes
lalacfb: :-P
FireBot 4000: pass tense uber typo of 'own'
RyanSaotome: pwnd
lalacfb: Nope, I will never say pwned again..Is PWNT now.
FireBot 4000: Yes
suzashley: I haven't received the email FB!
FireBot 4000: From my good British friend on CS
FireBot 4000: I sent it......
suzashley: brb
FireBot 4000: how do we switch topics so much, LOL
lalacfb: Spastic.
MikeTyndall1: Haha, Lee trusts Suzabbe, Brandy, and FB
blackholedemon90: who is leaving GR if we can't do anything?
MikeTyndall1: He used to trust me
blackholedemon90: I am
FireBot 4000: there's that word again....I'm going to use that tomorrow in a convo
lalacfb: It means you are all fooking crazy.
MikeTyndall1: Agreed
FireBot 4000: I will do something, and I'll fly ti SF to talk to scott in person to do t
lalacfb: He doesn't trust me anymore, he deletes my posts for sport.
suzashley: He still trusts me?
FireBot 4000: I'll fly to lees house too, knock on his door, kick him in the nuts, and walk away
MikeTyndall1: Yeah, I just checked for some reason
suzashley: Why the hell did he delete the PM's then? :/
MikeTyndall1: I dunno
suzashley: Hey, FB is on Xfire!
suzashley: :-p
FireBot 4000: I bet I can change the topic with one message, lol
FireBot 4000: yes
MikeTyndall1: Do you guys mind if I close down your IM windows? It compresses all four windows into one, so I have to click twice to get back to the chat :-p
FireBot 4000: I was playing CS earlier
FireBot 4000: yep mike
FireBot 4000: that's what I do
FireBot 4000: lol
blackholedemon90: I don't care mike
suzashley: I don't either since I wasn't talking to you... or was I?
FireBot 4000: lol
MikeTyndall1: I dunno, maybe you were, maybe you weren't
FireBot 4000: *suspense music plays*
suzashley: Oops.. I was. :-p
MikeTyndall1: lol
FireBot 4000: lol
blackholedemon90: guys, would it be a hassle for Mike, Suz, and Brandy to try to be on AIM more than you guys usually are?
MikeTyndall1: No
blackholedemon90: that way we can pass around info faster
FireBot 4000: yes, a lot of hassle Zak
suzashley: To many IM programs and windows open.
FireBot 4000: that's ubsabe request
MikeTyndall1: I usually don't do it since I get bombarded by IMs :-p
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: lol
FireBot 4000: Mike is populare like me :-p
FireBot 4000: with an e
suzashley: <--More popular!
lalacfb: I'm a loser.
MikeTyndall1: lol
FireBot 4000: because I'm that cool
FireBot 4000: I have an e I'm so cool, populare !
MikeTyndall1: And yes, we know Suz
blackholedemon90: does the TOS comming back have anything to do with brandy?
FireBot 4000: the TOS blows, lol
FireBot 4000: sorry
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: moveon
blackholedemon90: i agree
blackholedemon90: just wondering :-p
suzashley: You know what?
blackholedemon90: what?
MikeTyndall1: What?
suzashley: I don't care about the ToS frankly.
blackholedemon90: oh
MikeTyndall1: It doesn't really affect me...
lalacfb: I don't know..I was told, honestly that part of it was because Ryan complained alot.
MikeTyndall1: I wasn't into innuendoes or swearing :-p
FireBot 4000: me either, except I like fighting about sh*t, lol
blackholedemon90: Well, I think it seems too much like a coincidence that it came back when this is happening
MikeTyndall1: Yeah
blackholedemon90: Mike, we can't post our evil code any more!
RyanSaotome: Complained about what?
suzashley: I heard Ryan was complaining as well.
FireBot 4000: Ryan!
lalacfb: The innuendos.
FireBot 4000: damn you!
RyanSaotome: oh
blackholedemon90: wtf ryan?
MikeTyndall1: Did you do that Ryan?
RyanSaotome: um...
blackholedemon90: is that true?
suzashley: looks like it...
RyanSaotome: i only complained on the boards
lalacfb: If its all coming out, its all coming out.
RyanSaotome: i never sent pms
suzashley: No PM's?
RyanSaotome: no pms
MikeTyndall1: Nevermind then
lalacfb: He siad you did 3-5 a day.
blackholedemon90: maybe it wasn't that then
MikeTyndall1: Some other people complained too
FireBot 4000: #*($&^@(*&^#@&*#@#$#*&^$YTUGHEFJBSDKHUIYT#RWE
FireBot 4000: sorry
blackholedemon90: LOL
FireBot 4000: I'm good now
MikeTyndall1: lol
RyanSaotome: like i'd say in the cult thread that I didn't like posting in there when zak came in, cuz it was only innuenodos
MikeTyndall1: I do that too sometimes, so it's nothing
FireBot 4000: then don't #($)*# post there >.
lalacfb: Zak is a nortiness slut.
blackholedemon90: yep, that is what I am here for :=D
suzashley: I thought you didn't post in there beacuse I hate you?
blackholedemon90: :-D
RyanSaotome: i only said it like twice at most tho
FireBot 4000: we lack common sense on here, dang it bugs me
FireBot 4000: I don't like these I'll post here...and read them, and then complain, becuase I don't like them
FireBot 4000: WTF is that!?
MikeTyndall1: I'm confused
suzashley: WTF is what?
suzashley: *confused*
blackholedemon90: lol that is the JB philosophy
RyanSaotome: I'm sorry guys
FireBot 4000: That's why I don't post in GRE, OCP, and XGP, and NGC, I don't like their dicussions
MikeTyndall1: Don't worry about it Ryan
suzashley: You like the FGA discussions? :-o
MikeTyndall1: I've only posted like three times in OCP :-p
blackholedemon90: I know why you don't like GRE :-D
FireBot 4000: too late at night to be doing this on a weekday
FireBot 4000: yes I do suz
suzashley: I've posted in all.
blackholedemon90: me too
FireBot 4000: GRE is too heavy on gay oriented innuendos
MikeTyndall1: Me too
MikeTyndall1: Yes it is
suzashley: SGP is kinda annoying though.
blackholedemon90: fun fun!
suzashley: *XGP
blackholedemon90: they seem like elitists to me in XGP
MikeTyndall1: They don't really talk about much in XGP
RyanSaotome: i only post in the RPX thread on a normal basis
MikeTyndall1: And yes, they do
FireBot 4000: I don't mind 'straight' innuendos....since...that's what I do in real life, but gay ones are no
suzashley: Yeah, they think they are better than everyone else... meh...
FireBot 4000: yep
blackholedemon90: yeah
suzashley: I think they are more boring then everyone else
FireBot 4000: that's why I don't go there
FireBot 4000: we all see how this works?
MikeTyndall1: When it's us that are better than them! :-p
blackholedemon90: *coughSTLcough*
MikeTyndall1: lol
suzashley: Hey don't knock Dave!!!
FireBot 4000: lets not go there
blackholedemon90: sorry if any of you guys like Dave
blackholedemon90: I hate him
suzashley: You all have no idea who I talk too... watch your asses!
lalacfb: Lets not start trashing everyone..
suzashley: :-p
MikeTyndall1: I like Dave...but he annoys me sometimes
FireBot 4000: I have no a** left to watch, SUz, you gotta' get in line, lol
FireBot 4000: Everyone hates me
blackholedemon90: lol
FireBot 4000: :-p
blackholedemon90: I don't FB :-p
suzashley: Neither do I!
MikeTyndall1: Me neither :-p
lalacfb: Mike smells funny.
MikeTyndall1: Do not
FireBot 4000: I have 10 pending death threats, 5 that were said they wouldn't go thru, and one who is still trying, lol
blackholedemon90: awee, huggles *group hug*
suzashley: Mike doesn't brush his teeth!
MikeTyndall1: Do too
suzashley: OH NO! Huggles haunting me!
lalacfb: Nuh-uh.
FireBot 4000: wo thats, what, 16 ish.....from online alone, lol
FireBot 4000: so*
MikeTyndall1: Yuh-huh
blackholedemon90: well, I can see staying here will not be productive, lol
MikeTyndall1: lol
blackholedemon90: good night everyone
RyanSaotome: Take care, ya'll.
MikeTyndall1: Night
FireBot 4000: good night
RyanSaotome has left the room.
lalacfb: We were productive.
blackholedemon90 has left the room.
MikeTyndall1: We were
FireBot 4000: I'm out too, test tomorrow I will fail becuase I'll be asleep, LOL
MikeTyndall1: But we're pretty much done now.
lalacfb: They left together.
MikeTyndall1: Night FB
suzashley: Oh shoot!
suzashley: Kitten killing!
suzashley: Sorry. :-D
FireBot 4000: Yes....that too, lol
lalacfb: Poor kittns.
FireBot 4000: 4 or 5 going down tonight! LOL Had to say it! I'm out, later
suzashley: You all should try MSN
lalacfb: MSN PWNT.
suzashley: PWNS
MikeTyndall1: Eh, too lazy to download another messenger
suzashley: I've got 3 now!
suzashley: :-p
MikeTyndall1: What's the third one? Yahoo or something?
lalacfb: No..I'm using PWNT.
suzashley: Annoying popping up windows
FireBot 4000 has left the room.
MikeTyndall1: I guess this chat's pretty much dead then
suzashley: You think? :-p
MikeTyndall1: All the exciting people left :-p
suzashley: OH SHOOT!
lalacfb: I didn't leave,
MikeTyndall1: lol
lalacfb: I'm exciting.
suzashley: So am I!
lalacfb: Bitch.
suzashley: Bitch!
MikeTyndall1: Maybe I'll stick around after all
lalacfb: Mike alone in a room with two girls.
suzashley: He's in heaven
lalacfb: 3 way?
MikeTyndall1: lol
suzashley: Kitten killing heaven
suzashley: 3 way?
suzashley: tonight...
lalacfb: All Kittens Go to Heaven.
suzashley: after what we did earlier?
MikeTyndall1: o_O
suzashley: You're not tired?
lalacfb: HAHAHAHA
lalacfb: Not at all..
suzashley: Damn
suzashley: Stamina!
lalacfb: That's right, butch.
lalacfb: bitch..
suzashley: Awe...
suzashley: How old are you Mike?
MikeTyndall1: 18 now :-p
lalacfb: 18
suzashley: Oh
MikeTyndall1: Why?
suzashley: How'd you know so fast Brandy?
lalacfb: Umm..Umm..I don't know..
MikeTyndall1: *creeped out*
suzashley: Just making sure...
suzashley: Not 18 and a half?
suzashley: :-p
MikeTyndall1: 18 and a month :-p
lalacfb: I remember his congrasts on being legal..
suzashley: Ah I see
suzashley: Damn I feel old.
suzashley: And creepy...
MikeTyndall1: lol
lalacfb: Robbing the cradle?
suzashley: I'm going to be 26 next month! :-o
suzashley: So rockin the cradle!
suzashley: Soooooooooooo........
suzashley: Night all.
MikeTyndall1: Night Suz
suzashley has left the room.
MikeTyndall1: Soooooooooooo....
MikeTyndall1: Guess I'm off then ;-)
lalacfb: Everyone has left, we had a spastic convo aboutnothing..
lalacfb: Latr
lalacfb has left the room.