Hello Scott,

My name is Preston Dvorak. I am an editor at your site, GameRankings.com; you may know me better as ĎFireBotí as that is what I go by on the site. At any rate, I have some concerns I feel I must tell you. I am sure you have heard about them, or some of them, and have given all your attention to them, and I apologize ahead of time if this is a repeat for you.

First off we have this mysterious post glitch, if you will, it seems to come and go. I do not know if you have looked at it, and cannot figure it out, or if something is going wrong, and it keeps coming back. I realize you may not personally like the forums, and I realize they are not the largest asset to the site, and likely make up a very small amount of traffic. I also realize, as some would put it, that post counts mean nothing. While this all may be true I know that I, for one, enjoy the post counts. I also know that a fair number of other members enjoy them as well. Itís annoying at times to lose the large numbers we have been losing, hundreds upon hundreds within minutes. You could imagine, I suppose, that for someone who likes them, this is rather annoying. I understand you are busy, so when you get time it would be appreciated by a large number of members of Game Rankings, as well as editors, if this was looked into.

That brings me to my next concern, not only is the glitch a problem, but the irregular intervals in which the glitch seems to happen. Now, I do not want to point fingers, and Iím certainly not pointing them at you, but I do not think itís a glitch in the system. I think it might be someone, no idea who, that is deleting the posts. Now, I do not have any facts to back this up, nor do I have an idea of whom. Itís merely a hunch I have based on the irregularity of the glitch. I just felt I needed to make that known to you, so you can take whatever action you deem necessary.

My next large concern is the newly formed Terms of Service we have posted on the forums. Iím just curious as to whether or not these are shown to you for approval and what not. Or if they are just made, and posted, with no approval. I know the site has a listing about the reply area when you are posting that says ďThere are no rules, just try and keep it cleanĒ, this is contrary to the Terms of Service that was set forth by, I believe, Lee and possibly a few other key editors or members. While itís not exceedingly bothersome to myself, I notice that some members find it to be somewhat. I just think if something like that is to be implement it should be more official, and at least shown to you a few times for approval. Since, after all, it is your site and why have rules in place you would not like or ones that maybe violate things set in place by CNet.

That is really about it, thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. I hope you take some of these things into consideration.

Preston Dvorak
Former Volunteer Editor of GameRankings.com ("Former" added with permission as of 2/20/2005) and Webmaster of CSWarehouse.net